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Posted on 2009.05.26 at 21:40
sorry for being a post whore but i really want to change my profile picture but everytime i click on a picture in my file and click continue, it erases my picture and doesn't add it.

does anyone else have this problem?

Posted on 2009.04.26 at 18:42
I went to a party last night and then it was really fun until 2 of my friends decided to sneak out. They of course got caught and I have been freaking out all day because I'm worried one of my friends mom will tell my mom what happend. I'm so screwed if my mom knows because I've lost so much of her trust and she said this is the last straw.
So haven't been hungry today because I'm so stressed out. Just ate some mellon which is my favorite got weather safe food.
How have your days been?

Posted on 2009.02.15 at 13:03
gahh. im so bored.

my mom is on her honeymoon so my grandma is watching me, which means i haven't been doing anything for a week.

=/ good news is i get my license in less than a month XD

i lost 4 lbs this week tho because i've been hardcore working out on my elipticle

CW: 101 

hope you lovelies are doing well.

Posted on 2009.02.02 at 16:28

some thinspo to ward off night cravings

just trying to help =]


thinspoooooooooooooooCollapse )

Posted on 2009.02.02 at 14:35
so i went to the doctor today and they said i have the flu. so im all loopy on all the medication im on cause my mom's wedding is this weekend and i have to get better
but i dont have an appetite =]

it was really funny because when they weighed me in the office i weighed 104 with my shoes and coat on and my doctor gave me a funny look and was like have u been eating enough lately? and I was like of course. i dunno why it just made me feel really good.
wow thats kinda sad.

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 20:46

might trigger hunger (mentions food

( Kate Moss's 3 day diet )Collapse )

Posted on 2009.01.28 at 20:19
I got in major trouble this weekend for going to a party. the only reason i got in trouble was because someone my mom didn't know picked me up in a car. i didn't drink, i didn't smoke and yet i still get in trouble.
but my friends who did all of the above don't get in trouble. sometimes i realize that maybe why im so messed up is because of my parents being so restrictive and harsh on me. if they loosened up a little while i was growing up maybe i wouldn't have as much incentive to do bad things.

today went really well because i was home alone for a snow day. so i only had a little dinner

Posted on 2009.01.21 at 22:07
today went well, I didn't eat too much but as always more than I would've liked. my mom is getting married in 2 weeks and I want to look perfect for it.
yogurt (100 cals)
special k bar (100 cals)
1 cup of broccoli (about 150? cals)
and a cup of hot chocolate (100 cals)

and I did 45 mins of wii boxing =] it gives you such a good work out


Posted on 2009.01.20 at 19:09
this might sound weird

but I need help on how to purge

i'm really bad at it

what are your secrets and tips?

Posted on 2009.01.20 at 00:20
hey everyone! hope your enjoying your long weekend as much as i am, what did you all do?
I went to North Carolina and went to the beach with my 2 friends, lo and madye. it was super fun but I got food poisioning from a restaurant so I didn't eat hardly anything =]
I lost 5 lbs in 4 days. yay!

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